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Please, read the following FAQs to troubleshoot FTTH Connection problems yourself.

1. Why is my internet not working ?

  • Check whether the Fiber router is switched on. If you are using a secondary router for Wi-Fi, check if it is powered on.
  • Check whether “LOS indicator” on the Fiber Router is glowing red. The RED LOS light indicates some ongoing network problem.
    • Try restarting the Fiber router.
    • Fiber cable around your premises needs to be well managed and should not be bent, twisted or pressed.
    • Please contact Dreamlink Support [0353-3812000], if the LOS indicator is still glowing red.
  • Check whether “PON light” is blinking. It needs to continuously glow green for Internet to work. Try restarting the Fiber router.

Note: Please contact Dreamlink Support [0353 2501852 / 54], if the PON light is still blinking continuously.

2. Why is my internet connection so slow?

  • Internet Connection through Wi-Fi : There are many factors that affect the internet connection speed through Wi-Fi.
    • Check whether your computer/smartphone connected to the router through Wi-Fi is not too far and is inside the Wi-Fi coverage with good signal strength.
    • Usually you experience a slow internet connection through Wi-Fi due to high latency and interference in the wireless network.

    • Recommendations

    • Adding a secondary router will amplify the Wi-Fi coverage/Signal strength inside your premises and decrease the latency while connecting the internet through Wi-Fi. You will experience faster and reliable connection after that.
    • For best internet connection speed, we recommend you to use a LAN/Ethernet cable to connect your computer. Using ethernet cable is best recommended for gaming and live streaming.

3. How do I change my WiFi Password?

  • Open your Internet Browser [Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari etc.]
  • Go to .
  • After the page opens, click on “Customer Login” link at the top.
  • Enter “Username” and “Password” given to you by Dreamlink.
  • Note: Password is sent to you through SMS (from our number 5465) during service installation
  • After logging-in, click on UPDATE SSID link at the left.
  • Note : Wi-Fi SSID and password can only be changed if the User Status is Online. Please refer to the picture below.
  • Enter new Wi-Fi name on Wi-Fi SSID field and new Wi-Fi password on Wi-Fi Key field.
  • Finally, enter the password you initially used to login to the Online Services and click on Save Changes to save all the settings.


  • SUPPORT CONTACT NO.: 0353 2501854 / 52

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