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How do I check my Internet usage?

  • Open your Internet Browser [Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari etc.]
  • Go to
  • After the page opens, click on “Online Services” link at the top.
  • Enter “Username” and “Password” given to you by Dreamlink. Select on I’m not a robot option and click on Submit
Note: Password is sent to you through registered Email during service installation
  • After logging-in, click on Online Services from left menu and click on Check Internet Usage
  • Click on desired month for which you would like to check the internet usage and click on Check Usage
  • Finally, you can view details of your internet connection for desired month and download it by clicking on Download
Note: You can also check internet usage from myDreamlink mobile app available on Playstore and App Store.

What kind of ‘Traffic’ over the internet consumes volume?

‘Traffic’ is the data transferred both to and from your computer. Some of the applications/usage that generates traffic and consumes your subscribed volume is listed below.

Traffic Generated while….
The Web (HTTP/HTTPS) …viewing web pages, social networking sites, downloading materials.
E-Mail (SMTP/POP/IMAP) ...sending/receiving e-mail messages.
Instant Messaging …using Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, eBuddy, Meebo etc
Peer2Peer … using Applications like uTorrent, BitTorrent, BitComet, Frostwire, Kazaa etc.
File Transfer (FTP) ...downloading, uploading or viewing files through FTP connection.
Antivirus, Applications & OS Update …updating Virus definitions and applications, running Windows Update.
Streaming Audio/Video …viewing/listening online streaming using YouTube, iTunes, Yahoo Music, Vimeo etc.
Gaming …playing online games or gambling.

I'm a Volume user of Dreamlink. I want to know how much volume I've used and change the bandwidth as well. Should I contact you for the same?

No, you do not need to contact us to check/update volume. This service is available on our website. When connected to the internet, visit our Online Services page at and log-in with your username/password. Click on "View & Update Volume Bandwidth" and proceed further.

What other elements should be taken care of?

The other elements such as Virus, Spyware and associated risk factors cause the unauthorized use of your connection, eat up your subscription as well as slow down the overall performance by running in the background.

To learn more about what these Malwares can do and to avoid them from getting into your computer system, please refer to the following online Support pages:

• Computer Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses - avoid, minimize or recover

• Security risks and countermeasures associated with Internet connectivity

I want to change the username of my Internet Account subscribed some time back. Please explain the procedures for this service.

For this, if not urgent, we suggest our users to change their usernames at the time of account renewal by subscribing under a new username. Once registered, Dreamlink charges Rs.1000 for a username change in between or prior to the account expiry.

I want to change the password given to me during account subscription. How do I do that?

To change your password, please connect first to Dreamlink using the current password. After you're connected, open your Internet Browser and log-on to our Homepage. After the page opens, click on "Customer " on the main menu and then on "Change Password". Now, follow the simple instructions given on the page to change your password online!

I could not connect through my account. I contacted Dreamlink Support and I was told that my account has expired. Why wasn't I informed prior to my account's expiration?

We request our users to periodically check their "Account Status" and "Internet Usage Report" from our homepage to stay informed of their account status, validity or the remaining volume. Additionally, our server also send reminders of the same to your registered mobile numbers and Dreamlink email address prior to the expiry. We request users to check the mails sent from us and also update their mobile numbers in our database.

What is Dreamlink Fair Usage Policy?

We have designed this Fair Usage Policy (FUP) effective from 1st April 2013, as part of our effort to provide the reliable and high-quality service to our customers. We intend to protect privacy and security of our customers and encourage responsible use of network resources. This Policy supplements (but does not supersede) our Terms & Conditions for Internet subscription and applies to all Internet customers with unlimited data plans.

Why Fair Usage Policy?
We intend to provide the best possible Internet experience to all our customers. For this, we rely on customers being fair in the way they use the Internet. Generally, this is the case too. However, some small numbers of heavy or excessive users on unlimited data plans take up all the bandwidth, slowing down the network and connection that is shared for everyone else.
This "Fair Usage Policy" is here to give us an option that if your usage is excessive over a period of time to the point it is impacting on other users experience, then we reserve the right to ask you to reduce your broadband usage.
For example, if customer uses file-sharing software to upload and download large-sized a file, this activity uses a lot of network resources and affects the speed of network and Internet of other users. To ensure that majority of our customers do not suffer, we monitor the usage by looking at a number of factors including the amount of excessive usage over a period of time and the bandwidth used.

How will this policy affect me?
Under the policy, we normally define internal fair usage levels for unlimited data transfer plans. The usage levels set are very much adequate and as such, most customers will not be affected. Our system continuously monitors the data usage of each user periodically.
If the system determines your usage to be excessive and unfair it will throttle your Internet speed until the subscriptions expires and send you the notification via E-mail or SMS. If not heeded to our requests, such accounts shall be disabled temporarily. If continued further, then, in addition to any remedy that it may have at law, we shall terminate contract to use the services and charge user any applicable cancellation fee and outstanding dues.

Note: Dreamlink reserves the right to change this FUP in part or in whole as and when required. The customer is solely responsible for any consequences that result due to the violation of this FUP.

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