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Dreamlink Technology Pvt Ltd was born with a vision to provide the best internet service for entertainment, education, and business purposes in West Bengal In 2016. Based in Siliguri we offer broadband services on optic fiber and our Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) Technology can carry a huge amount of information at speed up to 1 Gbps. We are the first FTTH(fiber-to-the-home) broadband service provider in this area.

Dreamlink operates a state-of-the-art network built upon the network equipment manufacturer like Juniper, Cisco, Huawei for IP/MPLS Core and Aggregation, Extreme Network in Switching, and Huawei for the Access side.

We always believe in giving our customers the best value for their money and we are also looking forward to providing the best and fastest Internet Service to our valued customers.

Installation & Setup

If you want the best connection, you want Dreamlink. Dreamlink High-Speed Optical Fiber Internet offers a high-quality connection.

Up to 100 Mbps Download Speed

Get upto 100 Mbps internet without any network loss.

Dedicated Support

We are available for you, for any support user can log a call at the help desk by making a phone call (+91) 353 2501854

Services We Provide

You are on the right page of your life if you are looking further for speed Internet access. DREAMLINK provides high-speed Internet, which makes you comfortable in all of your works. Explore your Internet connection's full potential with us and enjoy a complete home and Business solution. DREAMLINK in overall gives the best experience in Broadband.

High Speed Internet

Dreamlink provides High-Speed Internet throughout Siliguri.

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Dreamlink Fiber

Dreamlink Fiber Broadband Service is available in Siliguri now.

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Dreamlink RF

Dreamlink RF Broadband Service is available in Uttorayon now.

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OTT + Intternet Packages

Internate Plan Without OTT

GST @18% is extra.

Benefits: 01 month free by paying 6 months charges in advance. And 03 month free by paying 12 months charges in advance.

We are taking ₹ 1500.00 as Security deposit against ONU/ONT and Fiber. The amount will be refunded during disconnection only if the ONU/ONT and Fiber is returned in good and working condition.

What Our Client’s Say

Know about our services from our Clients

I would say very good customer service by the Dreamlink executive, who attended the service request and resolved the router change request. He tested and ensured Wi-Fi lines are restored with high speed and strong range. Thank you really appreciate it. My 5 Stars to this young man 😊

Rahul Nandi

DREAMLINK is very professional in their approach and gets the queries resolved in no time. The speed is good too. The service is not only limited to sales but goes beyond that.

Sankha Suvra Sanyal

Speed better than jio & above all.. Superb service.. any prob or network down, there is always a quick response disposal team at hand to ensure no difficulties faced at customer end... One liner- Expensive but ensuring quality.

Sankhadeep Sarkar

It is a good ISP in Siliguri. Both service and quality is excellent. They have dedicated call center and support team. Even they support me to configure my LAN. Thanks.

Sougata Ghar

Very good value for money internet service providers. The issues are sorted out in no time by the efficient and cooperative team of people. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to avail internet service. Thank you.:)

Excellencia Education

I'm using internet since previous 2.5 years from 1year, I changed my internet to Dreamlink internet, verry good service in Siliguri, instant service within 5 to 15 minutes, they called within 10minutes, and try to resolve issues as fast as possible. And also give support on night time. Fabulous job, keep it up 👍

Shubham Kamti

There was a network outage in the area. It took time to get resolved, but you guys kept us in loop with the status update. The issue is not that you have issues, but the fact that customers are kept in dark, but I don’t see that with Dreamlink. Good customer service.

Avijit Singh

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers and information about everything Internet and Dreamlink Technologies

What is computer security?

Ans: Computer security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of your computer. Prevention measures help you to stop unauthorized users (also known as "intruders") from accessing any part of your computer system. Detection helps you to determine whether or not someone attempted to break into your system if they were successful, and what they may have done.

Ans: We use computers for everything from banking and investing to shopping and communicating with others through email or chat programs. Although you may not consider your communications "top secret," you probably do not want strangers reading your email, using your computer to attack other systems, sending forged email from your computer, or examining personal information stored on your computer (such as financial statements).

Ans: Intruders (also referred to as hackers, attackers, or crackers) may not care about your identity. Often they want to gain control of your computer so they can use it to launch attacks on other computer systems. Having control of your computer gives them the ability to hide their true location as they launch attacks, often against high-profile computer systems such as government or financial systems. Even if you have a computer connected to the Internet only to play the latest games or to send emails to friends and family, your computer may be a target. Intruders may be able to watch all your actions on the computer or cause damage to your computer by reformatting your hard drive or changing your data.

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